Thurrock airfield is a jewel of an airfield.
We ask you to respect our neighbours.
Please always call for PPR on 01375 891165.
Please avoid flying over any houses.

In the event of a go around and we would rather you go around for the sake of safety, please make a very wide circuit to the South or to the North going out as far as the A128.
Make a very wide circuit in these circumstances.

As we have said over many years “If you have to keep going around, go around to somewhere else”

There is a very nice pub right at the end of the runway, the Dog and Partridge. They do good food.

Please remember the airfield is private. All aircraft movements are at the risk of the pilot, you are welcome to come at your own risk.

The airfield is 25 Feet above sea level.
Details are in the usual flight guides. Please use the safety frequency of 135.475Mhz and make blind calls.

Please accept our apologies but due to local restrictions imposed we are unable to accept helicopter’s or microlight aircraft unless in the event of an emergency of course.